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I am a software engineer residing in Green Bay Wisconsin who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. So that means you might find some very intersting odds and ends around the site, from documentation of microcontroller projects to Magic the Gathering collections!


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What's New?

02 July 2006

Project FPS – Max Drive Pro

Project FPS Max Drive Pro - Components

Max Drive Pro Components Here is a picture of the Max Drive Pro components. It consists of a GameCube boot disc, a memory card that has a usb socket on it and a usb cable. Max Drive Pro Software Here is a picture of the Max Drive Pro hooked up to my PC. You can […]

01 July 2006

Project FPS – The beginning (ie. old stuff)

About the Project Goal: Create a multiplayer FPS using DirectX9 The purpose of this page to show off tidbits of progress throughout my effort in creating a simple multiplayer fps. I have chosen not to use a pre-built engine, framework or UI package. I have started this project with an empty WinMain and the DirectX9 […]

24 June 2006



About The Project This is a simple game based loosely on an old Sega GameGear title called Columns. Simply arrange 3 gems horizontally or vertically to make them disappear and score points. The rate at which the gems fall increases as your score passes certain thresholds. Instructions Left Arrow: move the falling gems left Right […]