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I am a software engineer residing in Green Bay Wisconsin who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. So that means you might find some very intersting odds and ends around the site, from documentation of microcontroller projects to Magic the Gathering collections!


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What's New?

01 August 2006

A* Path Finding and 2D Isometric Rendering


About The Project This demo highlights the operations of the A* Path Finding algorithm using a 2D Isometric display. The path finding algorithm has been slowed down so you can see it progress as it works to determine the shortest route between two points. Green tiles are considered passable while Gray tiles are impassable. As […]

24 July 2006

Spatial Divisioning with Quad Trees


About The Project This project demonstrates the benefits of spatial partitioning using quad trees. In this application, the green dot represents the viewer. The red lines represent the viewer FOV (field of view). Drawing anything outside of the FOV can be considered a waste of CPU cycles because the view cannot see them. Using the […]

10 July 2006

The Random Maze Generator and Solver


About The Project This program demonstrates a maze creation algorithm and a maze solving algorithm. When the program is executed, a maze is randomly generated that has exactly one path from its starting point (upper-left corner) to its ending point (lower-right corner). Once the maze is created, a recursive style solving algorithm is started. The […]

05 July 2006

Project FPS – Overview

About the Project This is my dive into the FPS game console realm. Taking the work I initially did on my Win32/DirectX FPS project, I am attempting to produce the same results on the Nintendo GameCube using the devkitpro sdk to build the binaries and the Max Drive Pro to load them on the GameCube! […]

03 July 2006

Project FPS – Nintendo GameCube

Project FPS - GameCube Shot

It’s Alive! Woohoo! I appear to have some simple map rendering working! Check out the video. Not too shabby considering how little documentation exists for coding on Gamecube. Multitexturing Implemented cluster visibility culling and lightmapping! Setting up the GC for multitexturing is quite similiar to the DX8/9 FVF setup. You have up to 8 texture […]