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I am a software engineer residing in Green Bay Wisconsin who likes to dabble in a bit of everything. So that means you might find some very intersting odds and ends around the site, from documentation of microcontroller projects to Magic the Gathering collections!


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What's New?

17 April 2011

Parallel Programming with CUDA


Matrix Multiplication: the “Hello World” of parallel programming. In an effort to learn parallel programming with a NVIDIA GPU, I am documenting my findings as I attempt to migrate from a serial cpu matrix multiplication implementation to a highly parallel algorithm on a GPU using CUDA. For simplicity sake, we will be dealing with NxN […]

17 April 2011

Game Programming with Unity & Blender


About the Project A simple game I developed while investigating the Unity game engine and Blender modeling software. Use the arrow keys to move and ctrl to fire! Play Now! Click here to play ‘StarFigher’

22 August 2007

Hand Held Game System!


About the Project A project in its infancy. Driven by a desire to tinker and a yearing for the days of old when games were simple! The goal is simple. To build my very own hand held game system. Think along the lines of the original Gameboy. So far I have the CPU, ROM, RAM […]

22 August 2007

PC Controlled, 256 LED Matrix Display!


About the Project Here we have a little experiment into the hardware side of things. Using a PIC16F876A Microcontroller, I am controlling 4 Maxim 7221 LED Display Drivers with each driver connected to an 8×8 LED matrix. The PIC takes commands via a serial port (level shifted by a Maxim 233a) from the PC, translates […]

01 August 2006

Perlin Noise prototyping tool using an embedded LUA Interpreter


About The Project This project demonstrates the benefits scripting by eliminating the need to recompile the application everytime a change would be needed. In the text window, you simply fill in the function using LUA code. The function is given a 2D point representing the coordinates on the display window and a time parameter. Using […]